Promoting the NATBIOT project within the RAMSAT project

Within the implementation of Project RAMSAT, Programme Interreg Europe, project NATBIOT was identified and promoted as a good practise in the field of ecotourism.
The project NATBIOT was submitted to Policy Learning Platform (PLP) of Interreg Europe Programme PLP is the second action of the Interreg Europe Programme, established to boost EU-wide policy learning and capitalisation on practices from regional development policies. The platform is a space for continuous learning where the policymaking community in Europe can tap into the knowhow of experts and peers. PLP provides number of services and support for stakeholders and also a pool of good practices and expertise in the four Interreg Europe topics:
– Strengthening research, technological development and innovation
– Enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs
– Supporting the shift towards a low-carbon economy in all sectors
– Protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency
NATBIOT project was submitted to PLP as a good practice in the fields of ecotourism. The good practice was checked by the thematic experts of the Interreg Europe Programme, was approved and now it is a part of the good practices data base of Interreg Europe Programme. It is accessible on The presence of NATBIOT project in the good practices data base of Interreg Europe Programme makes it accessible for the entire Interreg Europe community, which includes three types of beneficiaries: Public authorities – local, regional and national; Managing authorities/intermediate bodies – in charge of the Investment for Growth and Jobs programmes or European Territorial Cooperation; Agencies, research institutes, thematic and non-profit. Organisations that work with Interreg Europe are based the 27 EU Member States, Norway, Switzerland or the United Kingdom. Along with the description of the project also link to NATBIOT project website is made available.
RAMSAT Project partners are:
1. Lead partner – Alto Alentejo Intermunicipal Community- Portugal;
2. Association “Euroregion Pleven-Olt” – Bulgaria;
3. Zasavje Regional Development Agency – Slovenia;
4. Provincial Government of Teruel – Spain;
5. Rural Area Partnership in Derry Ltd (RAPID) – Ireland;
6. Rasinari Municipality – Romania;
7. Regional Development Agency Centre – Romania.

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